We are Phone Bags USA

Phone Bags USA is the exclusive manufacture and distributor of “Phone Pockit” brand products.

We design high quality accessories to enhance and optimize the use of hi-tech touchscreen devices.

Phone Pockit” brand products are hi-fashion carriers for touch screen devices, as well as the innovators of the “Pockit Sport” series cell phone accessories.

Phone PocKit products allows users to view, display and operate touch screen devices in their secured locations.

New products have begun to emerge in the industry that allow users to interact with their touchscreen devices in their secured locations, but our design is more fashionable, functional and versatile.

Here is what sets us apart:

Our innovative patented window flap design.

The “window flap” secures the device to the backside of the carrier. In most cases, the backside of a “bag”  or purse-style carrier the “window flap” in most cases is completely removable.

We feel that our product designs are broader in terms of efficiency and convenience.

Other carrier designs are limited and flawed because they are fixed. Fixed products may not align with the earphone and charging ports of all devices.

The most effective application for solving this problem from a consumer and manufacturing standpoint is our “window flap” design.

The “window flap” design allows 360°access to all earphone and charging ports and will accommodate all devices that are within a ½ inch of the device that it was designed for.

The “window flap” is a frame of material on one side (usually the same material as the bag or product it is designed for) with Velcro on the other side of the frame with clear PVC in the middle and the opposite side of the Velcro placed onto the bag or purse.

Our strategy to grow our product line is to find the most trending handbags and apply the “window flap” application leaving most original handbag and purse designs (fabrics, zippers, compartments etc…) intact. This strategy allows us to extend our product design into broader markets with very small adjustments.

Our main phone carrier, the PocKit Sport is the most versatile cell phone carrier in the industry. The PocKit Sport is a “pocket style” phone carrier that allows users to view, display and operate a touch screen device in its case, in a vertical or horizontal position with a single or double attachment.

For the highest quality of hi fashion “phone bags” and accessories see Phone Bags USA.

Handheld electronic devices* (HED) accessories are among the fastest growing products today with worldwide revenue of $26.5 billion last year. This figure that is expected to double by 2015. That is the conclusion of market researcher ABI Research in its mobile accessories market data study.